25 April 2014, Friday in the Octave of Easter


25 April 2014, Friday in the Octave of Easter

EF Missa Cantata, 8am

Introit: Eduxit eos, begin on F (as fa)

Gradual: Haec dies, begin on E (as la). Men sing the verse.

Alleluia: Dicite in gentibus, begin on G (as sol). Women sing the verse.

Sequence: Victimae paschali laudes, begin on D (as re). Alternate verses.

Offertory: Erit vobis, begin on D (as re)

Communion: Data est mihi, begin on G (as fa)

Dismissal: Ite missa est, alleluia, alleluia.

Recessional: Regina Caeli (simple) begin on E (as fa)

The Introit has two phrases:

  1. Eduxit eos Dominus in spe, alleluia
  2. Et inimicos eorum operuit mare, alleluia

The long Psalm 77 (78) tells the story of Israel’s trek from Egypt through the wilderness and their repeated failures to follow through on their commitment to observe the laws that God gave them for their ultimate benefit and happiness. The two verses from it in this Introit (antiphon + verse) are put here to connect us again to the Exodus story of the crossing of the sea and the drowning of the Egyptians that we just heard in the Easter Vigil. We pray that the Lord also leads us forward in hope, and that we will indeed observe his law and hear his words. The lightly neumatic melody has an unusual rise and fall incipit Eduxit eos that reflects the undulation of the walls of water through which they were led. It reaches a high point as Pharaoh’s army closes in on them, but then culminates in a rapid rise and fall over mare as the water comes down on the Egyptians. If we follow the path God has laid out for us, we too are saved from our enemies and can sing with real joy the triple alleluia of the Easter Octave. Water texts are abundant in this week when the liturgy wants to keep the newly baptized so much in the forefront of our minds and hearts.

For notes on the Gradual and Sequence, cf. notes for Easter Sunday.

The Communion has two phrases:

  1. Data est mihi omnis potestas in caelo et in terra, alleluia
  2. euntes, docete omnes gentes, baptizantes eos in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti

The assigned psalm, 77 (78), is the same as that of the Introit, and we are brought back again to the baptismal reference there. As our attention to the newly baptized this week should remind us, baptism is for all of us the real gateway to salvation if we live out the baptismal promises that we have just made or renewed. The melody conveys clearly and calmly the import of the Lord’s command to the Apostles and their followers: He has the saving power, and is willing to impart it to all who will receive it and live their lives accordingly.


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