26 April 2020, 3rd Sunday of Easter (Year A)

26 April 2020, 3rd Sunday of Easter (Year A)

Introit: Jubilate Deo

Offertory: Salve festa dies, PBC, p. 159, begin on F (as mi)

Communion (Year A): Surrexit Dominus

 Recessional: I know that my Redeemer lives, p. 355, begin on D

Dismissal from Mass I, as in Paschaltide apart from the Octave and Pentecost, PBC, p. 48.

Mass I (Lux et origo) PBC, p. 46ff. Credo III, PBC, p. 77ff.


There are four phrases in the Introit antiphon:

  1. Jubilate Deo omnis terra, alleluia:

  2. psalmum dicite nomini ejus, alleluia:

  3. date gloriam laudi ejus

  4. alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

A twofold division is made by the melody. The first part is subdivided by the imperatives, Jubilate, dicite, and date. Each of these words in its own way strives upward to c, and each has its last syllable on f , the lowest note of this first part. The first and third phrases close on the tonic; the close of the second on a is a pleasing variation, the first part of whose alleluia repeats the motif of psalmum. This alleluia may also be found in Introits of the third mode, such as that of Wednesday after Pentecost. We may consider the motif over dicite as a model for the extension over nomini ejus and gloriam laudi ejus. The threefold alleluia constituting the second part is in effect another imperative: the word means 'Praise the Lord!' But the melodic line differs from the imperatives above. First it descends to d, then to c, and finally soars upward with impelling force to c. Although the melody has a rather limited range (the first part confines itself to a fifth), it still impresses. With its numerous fourths, it work to propel us into that atmosphere of joy with which it is itself filled. And omnis terra is stressed vigorously, for all the earth is to join in this jubilation, starting with us and spreading to all we meet.


(Year A) The Communion antiphon is a single phrase:

Surrexit Dominus, et apparuit Petro, alleluia.


Today's Gospel says, ‘The Lord has appeared to Simon; the Communion text, however, uses the name Peter, which is more familiar to the people. St. Peter's church was the station of today's solemn service. How great is the forgiving love of the Saviour as shown by this appearance! He is almost compelled to demonstrate this love to St. Peter even on the feast of Easter. To us also the Risen One has appeared today in Holy Communion.


In the melody, apparuit seems like an inversion of the final motif over (Domi)- nus. In an alleluia unusually long for a Communion, grateful joy finds expression for the love shown us in the redemption. To d c a b c corresponds a b a g c. It was only to avoid the key b that the melody was transposed a fifth higher.


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